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Say NO to circuses

The breaking ("training")
of baby elephants

    In the articles that include photos, there is some overlap/duplication, but all the articles are included to ensure all the photographs are presented.


Baby elephants bound and broken

Circus animal life

Circus whistleblower article and video

Circus whistleblower statement (pdf)

Breaking a baby elephant. YouTube

'Pictured: Harrowing ordeal of the baby elephants bound and beaten to become circus stars', Daily Mail

The mistreatment and deaths of baby elephants

Baby elephant tortured into submission before illegal smuggling from Burma to Thailand

The barbaric tradition of ‘breaking the spirit’ of elephants for use in tourism

'The agonising blows that expose the evil secrets of Thailand's elephant tourism con', Daily Mail

'Baby elephants captured, mistreated, to supply Thailand's tourism industry', SMH

Phajaan - "Crushing" an elephant's spirit

The shocking secrets behind Thailand’s elephant tourism industry (video)