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'Training' baby elephants
Say NO to circuses

Videos about animals in circuses

Note: The images below are not specifically related to the videos listed.

Student's excellent video about the circus (Youtube)
Elephants in the circus (Youtube)
'Tear that foot off! make 'em scream' (Youtube)
Animal abuse
BCR - There are three videos on this page
Animals in the circus
Circus bear gets new home
Elephants in the circus
Elephant show in circus
Pyongyang Circus
Bob Barker addresses Congress (Youtube)
Tragedy of circus elephants (Youtube)
She packed her trunk... (Youtube)

Source: EmptyAllCages

Are circuses fun? (Youtube)
Chinese circus (Youtube)
Animals in circuses (Youtube)
Protesters speak about circuses (Youtube)
Animals in circuses (Youtube)
Circus animals (Youtube)
Primates at the circus (Youtube)
Slideshow about circus animals (Youtube)
Circus animals (Youtube)
PETA video
Circus horses (Youtube)
Conditions for circus animals (Youtube)
Animal Abuse in the Circus - Samantha Durst (Youtube)
Bob Barker speaks about circus animals (Youtube)
Seven videos the circus doesn’t want you to see
Training circus animals

Source: PetaIndia

Celebrities against circuses
Circus animals (Youtube)
CAPS film about circuses (Youtube)
Free Me! (Youtube)
Circuses are NOT conservation (Youtube)
Treatment of circus elephants (Youtube)
'Breaking' a baby elephant (Youtube)
Undercover investiagtion of circus (Youtube)
Baby elephants in a circus (Youtube)
PETA exposure of circuses (Youtube)
Circus in Moscow (Youtube)
ADI exposes UK circus industry (Youtube)
Circus elephants being beaten (Youtube)
Filming of circus elephants (Youtube)

Source: Peta

Animals in circuses (Youtube)
Meet a circus owner (Youtube)
Behind the scenes (Youtube)
Treatment of circus animals (Youtube)
Animals in the circus (Youtube)
The circus and animal abuse (Youtube)
Animals in circuses (Youtube)
Circus in China (Youtube)
Animal treatment in the circus (Youtube)
Circus bullhook abuse (Youtube)
Life in a cage and chains (Youtube)
Experienced veterinarian speaks about animals in circuses (Youtube)
Circus elephant (Youtube)
Elephants in Durban SA (Youtube)
Caged tigers in circus (Youtube)
Elephant 'training' (Youtube)
Circus animal 'training' (Youtube)
ADI circus investigation (Youtube)
Circus documentary (Youtube)
Circus animal abuse (Youtube)

Source: Peta

Circus animal transportation (Youtube)
Ciccus animal abuse (Youtube)
Nosey the elephant (Youtube)
Elephant 'Hind Leg Walk' (Youtube)
Swaying (stereotypical) elephants in circus (Youtube)
Circus elephants (Youtube)
Iranian TV report about animal cruelty in a circus in Iran (Youtube)
Animal cruelty or family entertainment? (Youtube)
Animals at Jumbo Circus, Chennai (Youtube)
NARA: the circus (Youtube)
CNN: Circus animals (Youtube)
Is the circus entertainment? (Youtube)
Circus Elephant. Norway. (Youtube)
Is this entertainment? (Youtube)
Alec Baldwin talks about circus elephants (Youtube)
Treatment of circus animals (Youtube)
Circus animal trainer speaks (Youtube)
Circus monkey (Youtube)
Student gives talk about circuses (Youtube)
Elephants in the circus (Youtube)
'Breaking' a baby elephant (Youtube)
News report: elephants in the circus (Youtube)
Elephant show in circus (Youtube)
Circus animal report (Youtube)
Circuses: Step right up? (Youtube)
Circus animal training (Youtube)
Born Free report (Youtube)
Animal Defenders report (Youtube)
ADI: Use of bull hooks in the circus (Youtube)
Korea: circus animal cruelty (Youtube)
Video: Circus life (Youtube)
Animals in the circus (Youtube)
Stereotypical behaviour by circus elephants (YouTube)
Treatment of circus elephants (Youtube)
Seven videos that expose the circus
Filming of the training of elephants for entertainment (YouTube). See also Vimeo clip